Friday, January 15, 2010

comment to the fourth power

A comment about comments about comments or comments cubed.  I guess this comment makes it comment to the fourth power.  Ok, what I'm struggling with here is the power of comments.  Maybe 'power' not the right word.  Let's say, the effect of comments.

Comments = sharing
Now what is being shared can be thoughtful, inspiring, hurtful, anger, humor, or any assortment of emotions and opinions.  I like the positive and/or humorous ones the best.  You probably do too.  Even if the comment is the blogosphere version of a smile or friendly glance that's better than no comment.  But we don't always want to smile.

I was thinking of using a new comment system but I'm not sure it would be better for the readers.
One favorite blogger, Unknown Mami, (funny as time goes on she is becoming more and more known) has taken comments to a new level, maybe even an art form.  She's been thinking outside of the comment box and becoming a comment diva.

Unknown Mami
She remembers (collects?) her comments and makes a post from them. I must also tell you about alantru over at sickdays. His last post now has 535 comments - it's alive!  So comments are big in the blogosphere.

So maybe you don't think about it but I am asking for your comment.  Most bloggers are asking for your comment.


Claudya Martinez said...

Perhaps we should have pictures of ourselves on our blogs holding up cardboard sign that read, "Will blog for comments".

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Like the proverbial tree in the forrest falling...if nobody comments, does our blogging really count???

dave hambidge said...

Using the last sickdays post comments as representative of anything is unfair to all; it is a novella with at least 4 strands!

I try to leave a comment on every blogpost I visit, even if it is only "ditto" to what someone else has already written. By regularly frequenting the same blogs I have built an informal network of creative minds and friends.

Supporting quality blogging is vital, IMHO, to stand against the torrents of utter sh8te being promulgated out there.

But, how does one tempt lurkers to leave comments?

End of comment that became a rant, sorry.

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown mami - ok I'll meet you at the corner with the signs. You bring the donuts.
@maureen - thanks I enjoy deep thinking
@dave - I don't mind longer comment and I leave some myself. the utter sh8t out there - you mean the media. I guess what you write is what prompts comments and there are hot topics that I mostly avoid.

secret agent woman said...

I love comments - it makes me feel connected to the people who visit my blog and I always respond back. But there's a reciprocity issue - if 500+ people comment on a blog, could that blogger really be visiting the blogs of all those commenters? I think eventually, I'd drift off if it were in one direction only. And I agree about friendly comments, too. I had one person who I had to ban because he kept leaving mean-spirited and perverse comments. I see him leaving his trail of muck around other blogs and wonder why people tolerate him. I don't mind someone disagreeing with me, but I do expect civility.

david.softech said...

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Debbie said...

I'm going to admit to you that there are some new comment systems out there that drive me nuts! Please don't put in anything that makes me jump through hoops to comment. Remember, I am a simple woman:)
Now, off to meet this super comment queen with over 500 comments.

Bill Lisleman said...

@secret agent woman - I agree with you and I typically try to answer back on my blog first and then visit but you are right if the numbers start getting too large there's not enough time
@david - maybe you are trying to feed off the traffic with your link? Nice compliment but I don't see how your link relates.
@debbie - you point out the big dilemma - comment system that allows good interaction but is simple to use. BTW the comment diva and over 500 comments on a post are two different bloggers.

Joanie said...

I admit. I'm a comment junkie. I've also tried to be more conscientious about commenting on the blogs I read. I don't know what to do differently to increase readership or comments. some people just have that gift.

She Who Carries Camera said...

if it weren't for comments, it would be like talking to ourself! :-)

Bill Lisleman said...

@joanie m - I think most of us are comment junkies but you make a good point (funny I just typed pint maybe you pour a good pint too?) - yes as with anything some have a talent that draws the comments.
@YNB - is that like dancing in the dark? don't know about you but my blog went on for many months commentless.
Thanks everybody for sharing your comments.

Lisa said...

I prefer to say that in blogland you must first learn to listen before people will hear you. In other words, you comment first then only you'll receive comments. But really I think we don't really blog for number of comments but more for who are our commenters (or is it commentators?). Comments build relationships and sometimes you bump into a camaraderie that makes you feel awkward to leave a comment. You feel like a party-crasher.

And lisleman. is that a picture of you? And why am I leaving such a long comment :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my comment on your commentary on comments. I also did a posting today about comments.
Overwhelmingly in favor are most bloggers.
My post was spurred by a somewhat anti comment posting on Enigmatic Ranting last week. She has a nice blog other wise and I still follow and read it.
Thanks, GregoryJ
UnknownMammi sent me here, btw

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - yes it's the quality of comments not the number. picture? it's an old picture I found in my parents slide collection. It's from a birthday party at our house and I think it's a neighbor. It's not me or my brother.

Bill Lisleman said...

@greagory j - hi - you're comment is very welcomed because you're a new reader. Hope to see again. I took a quick visit to your blog - nice.

alantru said...

Cheers for the props. This inspired me to go take a look at that thread. I think there are around 50 essays, 25 short stories and 10 or 20 poems in that beast. Not to mention endless reams of comedy. A lot fo the joy of that blog was the comment threads. So there so much back and forth. Fun, fun, fun!

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