Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bad day but not tragic

Having a bad day?

We all get to have some - don't we?

As long as there are NO serious injuries, most disruptions and failed plans are just bad days, not tragic days.

So picture yourself up in orbit sailing around the earth waiting for the next shuttle visit. This visit is really special for a few reasons:
  • 40th anniversary of the moon landing
  • a new front porch (Japanese style) will be installed
  • record number of astronauts together in space, 13 (hmm no superstitions right?)

So after some delays (launch schedules worst for being ontime than airline flights) the crew shows up and remembers to bring the new porch addition with them. All 13 have plenty of room and are getting along just fine.

Then the day before the big Apollo 11 celebration the TOILET backs up!

I think you can hear a backed-up toilet even in the emptiness of space.

Here's part of the statement from NASA:
Meanwhile, station flight controllers and crew members spent part of the day troubleshooting a problem with the Waste and Hygiene Compartment, or WHC, the toilet in the U.S. Destiny module. The system's dose pump failed after running for about 15 minutes Sunday.
....About six liters of pre-treated water may have flowed into the pump separator and other areas where it should not have, flooding the separator.

Update - I read a news release today (July 21) that they were able to fix the toilet. ASTRO the PLUMBER!

A bad day in space.

Here's an example of a bad day invading your space. Well actually a large wiener on wheels invading your space.

This happened in Wisconsin the other day. The Oscar Mayer wiener mobile crashed into a house.

Hmm if they eat hot dogs maybe they could get a lifetime supply.

Oscar Mayer wiener

One more example of a bad day:


alantru said...

I told the folks at Oscar Meyer this would happen one day. But did they listen to me?


Lisa said...

Wow that boat thing is really painful. And the commentator was really calm about it! Unbelievable.

Bill Lisleman said...

@alantru - hot dog people do they ever listen? thanks
@ocean girl - I guess it was not his boat. Definitely a bad day for the boat owner.

3L said...

I love gaining perspective when I'm down in the dumps. Thank you for a fun post and for your helpful comments about templates. I have more questions but I'm not online very often so I planning content.

Bill Lisleman said...

@llnl - thanks - i really need to learn more about templates. summer time is a good reason not to be online too much. I've been away some myself.

Robin Easton said...

If I hadn't seen this I would almost find it hard to believe. Are we humans really this dumb crazy? LOL!! I'm not sure I want to call myself human anymore. And the wiener truck just cracked me up. I had to laugh over this line:

"We expect to be back on the hot dog highways spreading miles of smiles in no time,"


The weird part in both of these incidents is that they are treated so blaze. Like it's an everyday occurrence. :)

Thanks for the laughs. ;)

Bill Lisleman said...

@robin - I'm very glad to help you enjoy your day. Crazy is a subjective thing I guess. thanks

Lilly said...

Made me laugh. Yep we are pretty mush all crazy I think.

Bill Lisleman said...

@lilly - glad to help you enjoy your visit to the blog - it helps to see others having a bad day sometimes.

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