Saturday, March 07, 2009

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GTE Airfone

Just a short item that should be of interest to xfoners. If you have been following this blog or the news of IFE, you already know that LiveTV bought the Airfone network from Verizon.

I didn't know until I was checking some old Airfone links that LiveTV appears to be keeping the Airfone brand name. Although I consider the Airfone name good, I noticed it did confuse some people because of the 'f' instead of 'ph' and I remember getting mail with Air Force in the name.

Short background:
Airfone ==> GTE Airfone ==> Verizon Airfone ==> LiveTV Airfone

hmm, what's the future? Google Airfone? or Twitter Airfone?

Check out their site's page LiveTV Airfone.
A little blurb from their site:
LiveTV introduces its newest product…LiveTV Airfone formerly known as Verizon Airfone. After several years of uncertainty in the market, you can now be sure that Magnastar is staying alive with LiveTV. So relax and be assured that you will continue to receive the same, high quality, Air-To-Ground communication service you have come to expect. In addition, LiveTV plans to provide ongoing support and product enhancements to the General Aviation Market. Planned product enhancements include a next-generation radio supporting both voice and data services.

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