Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sesame St. Main St. Wall St. Brawl St.

What street?

"Stand in the place where you live" (REM song)

It all does get too confusing, all too often.

Sesame St. was in the news last week because it too has been hit by this economic crisis. Here's a headline from the examiner web site:

Can you tell me how to get to the Sesame Street unemployment office?

I suggest that maybe they rent space in Oscar's trash can since more people will be on the street.

Oscar trash can

Last Thursday night I heard of another street - Brawl Street.

I watch CNBC and the Daily Show, so this battle/interview was hyped for a few days. Jon Stewart grilled Jim Cramer for
CNBC's coverage of the economic crisis. Jon threw some good serious questions at Jim. You can watch the whole interview at the Daily show site.

Another explainer of confusion is Uncle Jay. I found this "Uncle Jay Explains the News" show awhile back and I get a laugh from it everytime.

Oh don't forget -
"Your feet are going to be on the ground"


Lilly said...

I love Uncle Jay and Sesame Street (they have made enough money though over many years).

lisleman said...

@ Lilly
thanks for stopping by - Because everyone knows Sesame St. they have great fun creating headlines about it's problems.

Because of it's connection to Public TV, I don't think of Sesame St. as a big money maker. Now that you mentioned it they probably get something from every Elmo sold.

alantru said...

I gather that the seemingly cute hermaphroditic muppet, Elmo, is taking the news particularly badly.

lisleman said...

thanks you made me check on that word. I thought I knew it but needed to check.
So what happened to innocent non-gender toys?
Did you see that SNL skit about Barbie last Saturday?
She had a funny answer for giving up on Ken.
Poor Elmo lost his tickle.

alantru said...

Sorry to say I missed it! Wonder how Elmo got his tickle back...?

alantru said...

Sorry to say I missed it! Wonder how Elmo got his tickle back...?

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