Wednesday, March 04, 2009

economical diversion have fun

Sick of this economy crisis, the news of bailouts, yet another investor fraud, and stocks crashing?

You don't need to be depressed in a depression do you?

How about indoor duck hunting?

I caught this on MSNBC a day ago. Looks like Interactive Toy Concepts might have a winner with this.

I have a FlyTech Dragon that is similar. But my living room needs to be bigger to get a good flight with it. Of course it works outside if it's a really calm day.

A better idea than this infrared shooter would be just to shoot it down with a nerf gun. I'll need to give that a try.

Of course if you lost your house you might not have an indoor available for hunting or much of anything else. But if it hasn't gotten that bad yet, this toy will at least provide a diversion to all this crappy news.

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