Sunday, January 11, 2009

I forgot about this

USA Memory Champion (Chester Santos)

Chester Santos is the current United States National Memory Champion. I knew that but forgot - no really National Memory Champion - who knew?

This guy has a website that offers courses on memory improvement.

This reminds me of speed reading (you know back when people read books often) courses. I took a speed reading course and it worked but only for a short time. Use it or lose it problem. I suspect the same may hold for this too.

Oh there some good video clips on his site.
Here's his site.


Cee said...

wow..I had no idea A "memory champion" existed?!

lisleman said...

yes it surprised me too - it looks like he is making money from it.

Bill Torpey said...

What's his name has some memory! How many cards did he remember? I think I could remember three if I really tried.

You've got a really nice blog. I'll try to remember it.

lisleman said...

@bill torpey oh isn't a poker hand 5 - i could probably remember a poker hand
hey I remember to use the '@' short hand for my reply but then again it's not like I have many comments to match up with.
good thing we have bookmarks and other tools to remember what we stumbled onto while browsing.
thanks for stopping by

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