Thursday, December 04, 2008

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Thanks to someone close to me, I've learned a little more about music and my own history.

Here's an informative site about hit songs based on the calendar. So if you want to check out the music in your history or anyone's history go to

Put in a date and it will tell you what the hit song was that day. Now I suspect most of us (was true for me) don't really remember the songs from our first days or even first years. So you might want to try some other significant day in your history.

From this I learned of a woman singer, Teresa Brewer, who had a life of recording about 600 songs. I had never even heard of her before.

Ok so much for my old history. What about another date like the date of the first post on this blog (June 20, 2006). The hit song for that date (
Hips Don't Lie) was by another woman singer, a very sexy singer, Shakira.

(Actually, that first post was by another woman singer who some in the office knew as dreamweaver diva.)

- music and life they just go together.

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