Friday, September 12, 2008

spare parts waste not

hex bug

(update 5/2011 - If you clicked over from youtube you might be interested in my latest video clips)

It started as a hex bug. These inexpensive toys are great except they have limited batteries. So instead of replacing the small watch type batteries, I decided to attach a rechargeable battery to it. Sometime ago I posted the first modification to this hex bug.

The other day the Chicago Tribune had this informative article about recycling cell phones. One of the big reseller/ recycler, Recellular, is reported to expect processing over 6 million phones this years. The site has a great list of donation and recycling programs.

Here's another idea or two.

I recently updated my Verizon phone. Instead of using one of these programs I recycled my old one by selling it on E-bay.

Another old phone around the house that didn't work (dead screen) was used for spare parts. When you take it apart be sure to keep the battery holder part intact. The best parts were the battery and holder and the vibrate motor. These parts were then connected to the hex bug.

Using the battery and vibrate motor with the hex bug turned out great. The power of the battery is a little too much for the hex bug if directly connected to the bug's power. So by putting the vibrate motor in series with the bug works and then you get a this extra vibrating thing going for it.

Here's the new hex bug toy in action.

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