Sunday, September 28, 2008

new meaning to tune your car

I heard about this on NPR. It's unusual.

Apparently Honda created this stretch of road in California that plays the William Tell overture when a Honda drives on it at 55mph. Now the video clip above sounds like music but I couldn't recognize the song.

The more recent story of this is that the piece of road was paved over. The NEIGHBORS complained. You know just when you crank up those tunes some neighbor has to complain. Come to think of it - that same tune over and over again with each car - this is not a great idea.

However in checking this out, I found another clip about Korea doing this for highway safety (see below). Well maybe in the right place, but the weather (snow?) would probably mess it up.

Really I'm happy if one the traffic is moving and two the pot holes are fixed.

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