Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new career pro video gaming

video gamer

Just looking at this story's headline
"Parents let kid drop out of high school to focus on guitar hero"

had me wondering what's wrong with this picture.

I dug into the story a little and while I still have my doubts about the decisions involved with this, I do understand better the parents views on it.

First off, the young guy is not really a "drop out". He's now being home schooled and according to the story is actually getting better grades. His attitude about school was not very positive. In the interview on American Public Media he complains, "high school was taking 7 hours a day." Ah, yeah OK what did you expect here??

I know high school is tough and it sucks for many. I believe kids should get involved in activities and having a part time job during school for many is good thing. Working during college is not even an option for many. It's a must.

But pro video gaming as a career path??
Hmm, it's better than Lottery Player career.

Maybe it's similar to choosing rock star back in the 50's and 60's. But it's not the same. There is musical talent needed for rock music. Guitar Hero just needs fast reaction times and good coordination. I've played the game with my grandson and also my nephew. I'm no good at it but I'm not good at other video games either. My point is you don't need to carry a tune or have any musical talent.

Ok, I'll admit I don't understand the huge attraction of video games. Yes they are fun but why some get so addicted to them is strange to me.

It surprised me to learn there is some big money in video gaming competitions. This kid hoped to win a national contest and bring home $15,000. ESPN is now covering pro video gaming (biz deal with Major League Gaming).

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