Monday, August 04, 2008

coverage inflight internet

I found a good write-up on the current state of inflight internet services. It seems this subject pops up once in awhile but of course it's not covered much or very well.

This informative write-up was included in coverage of the big international air show in England recently. The Farnborough air show is a big commercial event and most of the news was new aircraft orders. Back in the Genstar and GMIS days I was fortunate enough to spend a day at this air show.

If you take a look you'll find the former
Connexion by Boeing (CBB) discussed and even some dollar amounts given. I did a quick google (news) on this found the following statement in Boeing last quarter (2008) statement:

"... costs associated with the exit of the Connexion by Boeing business;..."

It does take a long time to wind down this stuff.

Maybe more interesting is the discussion of Row 44 and others in this space. When Europe is included there is more than half a dozen companies going after inflight internet services.

Here's a link to the article.


Anonymous said...

where's the pic

Anonymous said...

where's the pic

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