Thursday, July 10, 2008

worse flight than mine

I had a long night flight from Peru and my sinus problem kept me from sleeping but it wasn't as bad as this guy from the Twilight Zone. (did you notice 20000 ft - not 35000) This was a favor show as a kid. Really interesting ideas in that series. So I guess this great performance lead to the Captain Kirk we know today. Some people should not have window seats.

Inflight Entertainment (IFE) has constantly changed over its history. US Airways announced an abrupt change to their IFE.

They are dropping it.

The high cost of fuel is identified as the killer. They say the system weighs in over 500 pounds. I'm guessing it might be the older tube screens (CRT's that drop down). I wouldn't think the newer flat screen LCD's would weigh that much.

This is good time to get that heavier stuff replaced but US Airways says the replacement is on hold. They should be checking out Wi-Fi as a replacement.

I always thought the option of bringing your own entertainment was the best. Laptops, DVD players, Ipods, etc. allow passengers to match their preferences.
Here's some links to stories on it. link1 link2

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