Thursday, May 08, 2008

wild blue yonder - above all

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Maybe you saw the new USAF ad? I actually read about it before I saw on TV. Here's a posting about it over at

I didn't like the ad showing a satellite being blown to bits but I think the USAF should spend some effort on their image. I should mention that I was a proud "blue shirt" for 10 years.

I didn't like the ad because it was not very factual. Knocking out satellites requires more explaining and not just a "Hollywood" script. However, the point, or the message is probably not to scare the public about some satellite threat but more just an attention getter. In other words, hey we do things in space - join our cool group.

Here's a link to the Air Force's campaign PR.

Well around the same time I read about space command, I also read about a Captain that had some problems closer to the ground. He lost his drone. Hmm - space cadet?

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