Friday, May 30, 2008

odd mix of news

Seems an odd mix of news:

NASA needs to fix the toilet on the spacestation
Buzz Lightyear, Toilet Pump Among Items Going To Space Station
Japanese brewery planning space beer

Japan plans to brew 'space beer'
The astronauts aren't having a pint up there yet, but they'll need more reliable toilets if they do.

When I'm buying beer, Japan doesn't typically come to mind but that maybe why they are doing this.

I don't get the Buzz Lightyear toy going for the ride but if it gets kids buzzed about space then that's good. Just keep the kids away from the beer and the toy away from the toilet.

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Bill Lisleman said...

this blog has been and will continue to be a learning experience. I thought this video would stay on the story that I found interesting and I made into a post. That story was the "space beer".
This video player now just shows the latest news.
I will be using youtube more since type of problem can show up

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