Saturday, January 19, 2008

reminds me of Office Space

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Remember Milton in Office Space? He's the guy who kept showing up after he had fired. He was still on the payroll until these consultants came in to do a downsizing. Then they dropped him from the payroll, but not until he lost his stapler did he get upset.

So over in the real world (truth stranger than fiction - you know) this story comes out about a guy up in Palatine IL. who has been getting paid for about FIVE YEARS without actually working for this company. Avaya which is a spin-off of Lucent had offered him a job that he never took. Some how they started paying and giving him benefits.

Now he's been arrested and is going to New Jersey to stand trial. The details have not been released but I look forward to learning the details when the trial is held. From the news stories, it appears the company screwed up big time. Over five years HR idiots fail to notice this guy hasn't received his reviews or maybe isn't even assigned to anyone. That's bad management. The news stories hint that what may have tripped-up this good thing for him was his withdraw from a 401K plan (401K loan maybe?).

Here's some new story links
Chicago Tribune

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