Saturday, January 12, 2008

quick grieving period

Story I heard on NPR's show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".

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So this sixty something guy dies in New York, his roommates decide he doesn't need that last social security check. So they wheel his body down (using an office chair?) to the nearby check cashing service to cash the check. These buddies (a true friend will move a body) of the decreased must have had a QUICK grieving period. Hey maybe they were going to use the money for the funeral expenses (??).

Well that dead body slumped in an office chair on the sidewalk drew TOO much attention (even in the city). The two were arrested. The man was dead less than 24 hours.

Maybe some febreze would have help.

Ok, what's with the picture? - It was difficult to match up a good picture with this story. I stumbled on picture related to dead bodies and robots. This Japanese rescue robot that among other things can pick-up dead bodies. New York should look into this (yeah maybe Chicago too).

Links to the story
New York Times
Boston Herald
Here's the link to the background on this picture.

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