Sunday, January 27, 2008

find the xfoner

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Yes that's a FAX machine.

I was actually searching around for news about Row 44 and Aircell (BTW I included a handy search window on this page) and came across this company that I first heard about in the early 90's over at Airfone. If you can recall, in those days the FAX was the best thing since --- whatever. This company started a FAX based newsletter on the IFE industry - remember? - it was called (still is) AIRFAX.

Well of course they have updated. Now they have a web site, email based newsletter, news feed, etc. But the really interesting update I noticed on their site was a FLICKR account. Take a look at their pictures from the various IFE related trade shows. I found a picture from last year's WAEA with a xfoner in it (let me know if you find it too).

So this FAX thing, it's a good reminder that what appears to be a huge future trend maybe short lived. Hmm, they didn't have a blog up there. Maybe this blog thing will drop away like the FAX.

Oh that search - lately there has been a fury of news on these companies.


Bill Lisleman said...

oh one more thing - Airfax still has an old story about JetConnect with a picture of a very young Airfone CEO.

Do a little searching you'll find it.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt find it?

Bill Lisleman said...

it? do you mean the xfoner picture at WAEA or the old JetConnect story?

I just checked and found both. The WAEA pic is on the page linked under "FLICKR" in the post. The old JetConnect story is a little harder to find. Go to the Airfax site (linked under "AIRFAX") and use their search button (upper left area). Search on JetConnect, the first story on the list was it.

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