Thursday, December 06, 2007

JetBlue connecting with their spectrum

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Remember the OTHER winner of that FCC spectrum auction that made us Xfoners?

Well if you forgot and I doubt you did, it was LiveTV.
LiveTV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JetBlue since 2002.
So really it was JetBlue.

Well they have done something with that valuable spectrum. They are giving away a FREE service with it. Reminds me of a Google type approach, but that's another post.

Over at the online Wall Street Journal there's a story on it.

Also, here's another story at an Arizona paper's site.

And one more worth noting, remember the blogger who wrote about that auction? He's got a good post on it too.

So they took a small piece of spectrum and some help from Yahoo and RIM (Blackberry people) and put together a service that reminds me of JetConnect. IM and limited email. I'm sure the IM will work great. Big question is biz travelers wanting that VPN connection to their corporate email.

I know little about Blackberries but maybe that's the key to fixing a limited email offering.

Now I believe a few of you Xfoners may know more about this so please leave a comment. Hey JetBlue flies to OHare airport now so maybe we could get a "JetConnect" flashback on a future flight.


Bill Lisleman said...

good article on New Yorks Times web site today - includes Row 44

lisleman said...

good article on New Yorks Times web site today - includes Row 44

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