Monday, April 02, 2007

clearing the air at the Thirsty Kirsty's Pub

Sometimes they just sneak up on you, but this smells like a repeat offender.

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A smelly story - I am not sure what side I am on but I would not want to be on the "back side" - if you know what I mean. Check it out

My favorite part of this is the guy being quoted to say:
"No one could smell anything when the pub was full of cigarette smoke," Laidlaw told Wales on Sunday. "I never used to complain about the smell of their cigarette smoke, but now everyone complains about me. It's just a natural thing...."

So that's the future of these bars that are forced to ban smoking??? Replacement of smoke with some foul flatulence. Maybe the air purifier business is the next growth market.


Anonymous said...

wow that guy looks like he in pain - don't remember if he the one giving it or getting it.

Anonymous said...

Is the air apparent o de bean?

Anonymous said...

Is the air apparent o de bean?

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