Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby you can drive my car

No I didn't become a star.
I've posted about the Beatles before (click the beatles tag if you are interested).
The other day I decided to cash in a box of loose change that had been building for sometime.  Did you ever use those coin machines at the supermarket?
Well if you have you may have noticed that they collect a fee if you get cash back.  But if you get a gift certificate there is no fee deducted.  I know, it means you need to buy something and if I went to my bank they wouldn't charge me to count and exchange the coins.
The day I went there, a guy was just finishing up.  He had more than $160 and he didn't know about the gift card option.  I think he paid about $10 to get his money.  I showed him the option after he was done.
So I got 20 something on an amazon gift card.  I got a book and this remastered Beatles album.
Last month there was some buzz about the Beatles release on 09-09-09 (why do we have this thing with numbers?).  Most of the buzz was about the Beatles Rockband video game.  Well that's great if you play the video game - I don't.
What got less notice was the remastered collection of their albums.  I got the Rubber Soul CD.  Great songs and it also comes with a mini documentary (plays on your computer).
You can see these mini documentaries over at the site. 
Check it out there's a good selection of videos to watch.
Like they sang - we need to "Come Together".


Lisa said...

Thank you. My son is a Beatles fan and this helps me look for that something special for him. His 17th birthday was a month ago, but it can never be too late, can it :)

P/S We don't change coins, we keep them to pay for parking machines or charity boxes - when they get to be too heavy in the purse.

Unknown said...

Starbucks was selling all of the remastered CDs (I guess because McCartney's signed onto their Hear Music lable?)... I could have gotten them all for my discount, but I didn't think about it because I figured you already had all of them on CD. But they sold out almost immediately.

And way to tell the coin guy about the gift cards AFTER he finished! If you were gonna butt in, you might as well have done it before he paid the fee. :-P

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - charity boxes that's a good idea but I'm slightly mistrustful of them. Does the money make it to the charity? Thanks, I hope this post helps people think of Christmas (or other holiday) presents.

@sara thanks for sharing the comment - so they are not selling them anymore? That's strange.

Cruise Addict said...

My favorite Beatle song was there last one, "The Long and Winding Road". They has so many thou.

As far as numbers go, look at all the people that play the same exact numbers practically everyday for lotto. I was never one for keeping things like that in the forefront of my mind. Maybe because I got married to my first wife on 08/08/80 and our eight anniversary was 08/08/88. But then that all changed when we divorced and her lawyer "eight" all my money :-)

Bill Lisleman said...

@manoverboard - in addition I suspect after the lawyer "eight" - your account was deep sixed. Thanks have you done a post on those special numbers yet? - you should.

I appreciate said...

Great Post

let me know ..

Bill Lisleman said...

@mike - thanks

lisleman said...

@mike - thanks

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