Sunday, March 12, 2017

keeping time making time

Oh I just don't care for this seasonal change of the clock time. I just don't see the sense of it anymore. It just confuses our bodies.

If I need a bit of confusion, I can watch a mystery movie or talk to a relative who disagrees with my worldview. I suspect there are people who enjoy turning back the hands of time every fall.

My quick internet search on this annoying subject turned up the idea of permanent daylight saving time. Just switch it and keep it forever. Russia tried this back in 2011 but the people hated it and in 2014 they reverted back to winter and summer switching of the time as we do here.

clock with big hands

For most clocks the tough part of this hour switching (most digital clocks are now completely automatic so you just wake up and wonder why it seems so early) is just remembering which clocks need a turn of hands. Not too bad compared to turning clock hands that are much larger than a man. I found an interesting clip about Big Ben timekeepers.

Changing to the new time twice a year is big deal for the timekeepers of Big Ben. They use the opportunity to also do maintenance on this old machine and monitor it so it's time is within a second of the world standard time. This huge machine is adjusted by placing/removing pennies on the pendulum.

Oh my blog allows you to go back in time and read an old post. Here's one about time titled, "take your time it's about time".

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