Sunday, May 11, 2014

don't leave a message after the beep

What the beep?  Is voice mail dead?

We still have our voice mail on our landline which I know is another thing fading away.  Ages ago back in the dial-up modems (look it up kids I'm not going to explain it) days, I switched to a system where the phone company hosts the voice mail.  You might recall that incoming calls could disrupt your modem connection.  Having the phone company host the voice mail solved that problem.

In today's Chicago Tribune (yes we still get a real tree killing paper) there was an article about voice mail.  The author didn't like it anymore and would rather people sent a text or email.  Most all cellphone plans come with voice mail.  Today I probably get more texts than voice mail messages.

So say I were to try to contact you, would you be annoyed if I left a voice mail?  Oh wait a minute, I need to reword that question.  So say someone who you like to talk to (assuming you still know how to talk on the phone) left you a voice mail, would you be annoyed?

I noticed blimps are back again. 

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