Thursday, May 29, 2014

a few far out fragments

I repeat myself a bit on this blog.  Many years of blogging will do that to you (many years of most anything might do it too).  As I have expressed before, the Friday Fragments posts that Mrs. 4444 wants to collect and share every week are very easy to write.

Many times in the past I have kept a running list/note about items to include in my upcoming FF post.  This week that didn't happen and maybe it will show.

Do you ever think about time?  Not just the where did it go question.  Anyone who has used a calendar probably has asked where did the time go.  No, I'm wondering about a little deeper thought.

There's the deep question about what exactly is time.  Why does it only go in one direction (you can't count the Groundhog Day movie)?  I posted once (long time ago by internet time) on a few scientific views of that.  Here's that time post.  

Lately I've been thinking of a more historical question about time.  I wonder what my life would have been if I lived 100 years ago, 200 years ago (that would sure make me much much older today).  What occupation would I end up doing back then?  My career (most of today's careers) didn't exist 100 years ago.

Alright I'm back, (did you just do a quick time trip?) and I have the time and technology to finish this post.

Every since I was in high school, I have tried to pick up new words.  Picking them up is much different than actually using them often.  My vocabulary gets me through the night day (I'm not a morning person).  So I found this word that is fun to pronounce but I can't think of much use for it.  Have you ever blown through a fipple? I have and didn't even know it at the time. It sounds like ripple or nipple but it's a fipple.

Once again my train of thought has left the station. Remember, posting on social media doesn’t mean people will accept you socially.  The fbooking site seems to have many unsociable members.  Please share a comment.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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