Tuesday, April 15, 2014

he did become a brand

Maybe not a brand that you care for but still a brand.

In my last post about hobbies and this unusual LED illuminated mermaid I stumbled upon, I mentioned Hugh Hefner.  I consider him successful in business but I have my doubts if he had a very fulfilling life.  What do I know - not much how about you?  (a few of you left some good Hugh Hefner opinions in the last post)

Speaking of stumbling upon internet things - I just found this beer ad with Hugh Hefner.  He is funny in it.  The funny part comes from his "brand".  If you are unaware of his public persona then the ad is not as funny.  The ad wants you to believe even Hugh has "man cave" stocked with their beer. (oh the ad using music from another "brand" - Sinatra)


Gorilla Bananas said...

I wonder what Hef would say if you asked him what wisdom and virtues he had acquired during his long life. An old man wearing pyjamas who doesn't feel ridiculous being photographed with dollybirds must have acquired some sort of realisation.

lisleman said...

There is no way that I would expose my private life to the public like he has. I do know he had one daughter who was the CEO of his Playboy company for awhile. I could look up more info but I really don't care enough about details. Easier to just make up opinions. I guess he got what he wanted but I do wonder if after awhile he regretted wanting it. I wonder if he is comfortable with being old. Just my crazy thinking - does he go after the "dollybirds" (new term for me over here) to feel young?

Scarlet said...

I agree with Mr Bananas... I reckon Hef had an epiphany moment.
Have you not heard of the term 'dollybirds'?! You are not mixing with enough Brits! It's a dated term here, to be honest, and harks back to the sixties... I think... I will check.

Scarlet Blue said...

I'm having problems commenting... pressing the big red 'G' isn't working in the way it ought to.

lisleman said...

Sorry about the comment system. Disqus has its bad moments. Thanks for being persistent in getting your comments up here.
I see you last comment. Hef had a epiphany? Do you think it was at an old age?
I did know that "birds" was slang for girls back in the sixties. I pick that one up from the Beatles. Knowing that the "dollybirds" was easy to figure out. Mixing with Brits - not much anymore (good that you stop by) but for awhile a worked for a Brit and had various projects in England.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Funny ad. Didn't he just get married again? He has got to do whatever he's wanted in life with all the money he has. Hopefully he fulfilled his dreams.

lisleman said...

I think he did get married. I believe his wife might be younger than his daughter. Crazy. Maybe there is the possibly of too much money. I wouldn't know, but I've heard of a few big crash and burns by very rich people.


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