Monday, March 03, 2014

Oscar thoughts

I'll be clear from the start, this post has nothing to do with fashion (it seems dresses are a big part of the event, oh you're wearing JC Penny?).  We all get to have opinion about everything and Hollywood often offers more show and less substance.  However, I will not even attempt to pretend any knowledge of fashion.

Oscar probably goes horizontal at those parties

Did you watch the Oscars?

I heard it hit high in the ratings.  She-who-knows and I watched the whole show.  We both like Ellen.  Just like on her TV show, she was creative in producing laughs.  All award shows should be filled with good laughs.

It's a night of celebrating the movies and not a horse race (do only the winners say that in interviews?). I already posted my favorite for best picture (even though I only watched 3 of the nominees) in a January post.

Leonardo DiCaprio was shut out again.  Often nominated but never a winner at the Oscars.  He did generate a few hashtags, #poorleo and #giveleoanoscar

I found the above Leo gif and the following Amy Adams gif over at "the not! live blog of the 86th Academy Awards".

Even if Amy Adams wasn't a winner she can do a quick dance to keep the fun going.  Like Leo, she has been often nominated but never won at the Oscars.

twitter breaking selfie

The real winner of the night was Ellen. Her selfie that she asked viewers to tweet actually brought down twitter. She ordered in pizza for the Hollywood elite. She had the pizza guy on her TV show today. What I thought might happen apparently did. She said on her show that Harrison Ford sauced his shirt. So now Harrison and I have that in common. Getting laughs, bringing down twitter and messing Harrison Ford's shirt all in one night - she's the winner.


Gorilla Bananas said...

DiCaprio has never been oscared? Poor guy! But he's in good company - Richard Burton was often nominated without ever winning one. Ellen's looking good - I hope her wife was in the audience to cheer her on!

lisleman said...

yes her wife (partner seems to make sense to me) was there. They showed her once or twice.
Leo has won many other awards so I don't feel bad for him at all.

Cheryl P. said...

I think Ellen did a great job. The award shows just get so long that those breaks provided by jokes and performances help me keep interested.

I didn't see many of the films this year either. I tend to wait for a lot of them to go to ON DEMAND or Redbox.

deborahpucci said...

I loved every minute of the Oscar's and it's time for Leo to win!!!!

longhollow said...

I tried to stay up till the end but couldn't quite make it. It is amazing that Leo has never won!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Nope - didn't watch it. No television.

lisleman said...

Of course the results have been out in multiple media streams. Strange how important the media treats entertainment news. There were a few acceptance speeches that were very good. I have not looked but I would expect you could find them on youtube if you cared. thanks

Pat Fortunato said...

Don't you wish you could do a virtual punch-out with someone who's really bugging you as Leo's doing in that video. Would be sooo satisfying.

lisleman said...

Hey maybe that's a new business. Using the FX stuff of movies to offer people a virtual punch-out. thanks

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