Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let’s not split hairs

Back in my streaking days, a hairy chest was an asset. (Warning: The post you are about to read contains Lisleman’s distortions and speculations. The truth is out there, I just don’t know where.) I did a little streaking on fishing trip to Canada once. Well sorta, the cabin didn’t have indoor plumbing and I needed a rinse. (discovered the lake had more rocks that I thought)

Back then, a shaved head on a twenty something young man would have looked very odd. The only ones I remember were on Hare Krishna guys chanting in their orange robes. Times change. I don’t think anyone would disagree that each generation creates different likes and dislikes especially when it comes to appearances.

My last post had a youtube clip of the Bee Gees. Just one image was shown while their song played. Here’s the picture of the trio from downunder. 

Imagine those guys with shaved heads? Would their muscular hairy chests alone give you a Saturday night fever?

(yes I know just the hair alone doesn't do it. Trim, tan, good voice, blogging talents, etc.)

In the comments on the last post, I wrote:

“...However, as I look at the picture on this video clip I think those hairy chests just seem too much. As in too much like an ape. Well I guess it's better than tattoos…”

Whoa, I just hit two current popular eye candy items in one comment. Well maybe I did, but then maybe I didn’t. Are hairy chests as popular now as they were during the Bee Gees top charting days?

I found a report on a study that says the hair is not so popular. Yeah, if you look hard enough you find a study that says most anything. I just wish I could get a piece of that study grant money. According to this news report on the study, 80% prefer a smooth skin chest.

What do you prefer?

Next time, the bling or the blog make the man?


Joanne said...

I remember the hair coming off in the days of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I presume the method has not changed. And you think women torture themselves, vainly. Of course, if chest hair is just vacuumed away these days, it's another discussion.

lisleman said...

I might only seen that show once or twice. I know it was about fashion. So did they do a waxing? I never had an issue with too much body hair. Maybe too little? Most of mine is on top of my head.

agnes said...

Don't laugh but it took me a minute to even notice the chest hair in the last pic!

lisleman said...

That's very interesting. I take that to mean you focus on other parts first, eyes, face, smile, etc. OR you had too much wine and are having a hard focusing on anything.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Hairy chests work for me, as I mentioned in your last post. I don't understand why the obsession with the removal of hair - it's very masculine.

lisleman said...

I don't understand trends and why they change. I assume you would question the study that reported 80% women not liking the hairy version of a man chest. Yours and a few others comments on the last post prompted me to write this post. Thanks

longhollow said...

It is so funny how tastes and styles can change. When I was young, guys wearing shorts down to their knees were laughed at. Only grandpas wore them that long! Bermuda shorts! Now I laugh at the pics of the varsity basketball team in my yearbook in their short-shorts! Personally, I never cared for a hairy chest....but I find it preferable to someone shaving it! I guess that means I'm old.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't know that I disagree with the study - I may just be in the 20%. But to me, one of the things about male-female relationships is the contrasts between the two. Hairiness is part of that, and I think it's sexy. But apparently I'm in the minority.

Scarlet Blue said...

I am not keen on hairy chests. They are a magnet for biscuit crumbs.

lisleman said...

I'm not sure if you are. Maybe today, but I'm thinking back then you were not. When it comes to male-female differences I seldom think of hair. You might not either since the subject of the post is hair your comment makes sense. thanks

lisleman said...

Thanks, yes the changing of all these attitudes/taste baffle me. Do we change just to be different from the past? I suspect the younger you are the less you think about the changing part of it.

Cheryl P. said...

Body hair on any part of the body is out of vogue now. I won't go into the particulars but some of it sounds like torture as far as the removal goes. About everyone I know has been lazered from tip to stern even though it is expensive and has to be repeated numerous times to be effectively "hair free".

By today's standards the Bee Gees look unkept and shiny metallic fabric clothes would definitely be a fashion faux pas.

lisleman said...

Oh, a biscuit crumb expert. It's so good to know one. I see your point but if you were in the mood for a bit of biscuit (who isn't?) then this magnet would draw you in - correct? Just don't be spilling any tea in your excitement.

lisleman said...

Yes the sensitive parts. "tip to stern" - ? are you floating in the tub? I'm just not use to nautical terms and grooming being combined.
She had a small jib and wow could she tack.

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