Sunday, April 28, 2013

is poison part of martial arts

I didn’t think poison went with Elvis either. The Elvis impersonator who was first suspected of the recent ricin poisoned letters was released. His nemesis, a martial arts instructor, has now been arrested.

What we have here is the failure of a few clowns short of a circus. All fun and games until someone dies from poisoning. The actual poisoning threat through the postal system is serious and hopefully will be prosecuted correctly.

It’s the background story of these suspects and the other stories of Tupelo MS. that are worth considering. Tupelo known worldwide as the birthplace of Elvis. After reading more on this case, you start to wonder if it’s the birthplace of many nutcases. Not saying that Elvis was nutty but he was slightly eccentric.

The poisoned letter case brought in the feds (FBI and Secret Service) and that was probably good because the Tupelo police have been busy investigating the drive-by shooting of Carol, the circus elephant, earlier this month. The reward money for the conviction of Carol’s shooter is now over $30,000. (note since elephants are an endangered species this crime could also involve the feds)

The two cases are probably not related other than being in Tupelo.

The Elvis impersonator and martial arts instructor have been feuding for years. Apparently it goes back to the impersonator’s conspiracy book about body part harvesting at the local hospital (hmm do they harvest brains in Tupelo?). The martial arts guy also had a newsletter and it seems a deal to promote the book fell through.

It’s strange stuff. Here’s a few good articles for more background:
Circus elephant shooting
ricin case (usatoday)
ricin case (latimes)


jnoragon said...

A gun is a machine designed to inflict injury. What a sick person this must have been. I see no indication the shooter has been aprehended, in spite of the April 13th assurance of the Tupelo police. I won't bother you with a rant on people who shoot people.

lisleman said...

yes the elephant is recovering ok. I can't put my mind around why anyone would shoot one. Crazy world.

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like some folks in Tupelo are short on reason but not on ricin. Hm.

lisleman said...

I'm not sure but the articles do suggest the culture there is strange. Maybe they were just having a bad month.

lisleman said...

Yes, pronouncing the name is sorta fun. I have no idea why strange people do strange things. Almost seems it is part of their definition.

lisleman said...

ricin and reason - that's good. One article said that the Elvis guy thought they were asking about rice. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

I did not know Elvis was born in Tupelo. I knew he was from Mississippi, of course, but my association to Tupelo is the honey.

lisleman said...

I didn't know about the honey. Just did a bit of searching and learned that "Tupelo Honey" is also a song by Van Morrison. thanks - I like learning things in the comment section.

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