Sunday, February 10, 2013

quick music share

This song gives me a smile.  I wanted to do a quick share but it's not that easy.  I could not find it on youtube and I didn't want to create a "video" since I didn't have any good pictures to go with the song.

I don't suspect I have readers that come over here looking for music reviews.  I have opinions on music but certainly don't follow it enough to review it.

I found this song "Speed of Light" by Annie Gallup on NPR awhile ago.  I happened to listen to it again and realized it makes a good Valentine's Day song.

The song provides me a little humor because the little story it tells reminds how couples connect but not always at the same time.  

Give it a listen (the play arrow should play but if you have trouble you can find her at 


another circus 


Peggy Vork-Zambory said...

:-) Very nice.

lisleman said...

good to hear you liked it - thanks for browsing by

longhollow said...

I can't listen to it yet because I'm working in the school library! But I'm eager to hear it now. Thank you!

Cheryl said...

Yes, that is nice. I liked it.

lisleman said...

the problem with checking at work. After the post I thought I should of titled it "a love song for a scientist". thanks

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