Monday, August 13, 2012

she got pinned

(Warning:  The post you are about to read contains both fact and fiction. Lisleman might be older than you so an old memory might be distorted for new comical results.) 

I have been pinned many times recently on Pinterest.

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Long ago being “pinned” meant going steady. Of course, for some the term “going steady” needs a definition. While not sure of it, going steady either doesn’t happen on the dating scene or there is a new term. 

To the best of my knowledge (I have knowledge that’s worse) Pinterest has nothing to do with dating. However, I think Pinterest could generate a little of fun publicity if they sponsored the old fashioned meaning of pinned on their site.

Social networks change quickly so everyone becomes "old fashioned" if they don't constantly watch the changes happening all around. I didn't think pinterest would be of interest to me at first glance. The virtual houseware department aspect of it, I could care less about. What I found that was worth the free membership was the many funny sayings and pictures.

It could be due to the new hype of it (it still as new car smell) but I often get quicker reactions from a new pin than a new post. 

One last pinterest note - the company just finalized on a 60,000 square foot headquarters lease.  The company is doing fine.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

People sure are visually oriented, aren't they?

lisleman said...

yes I understand that trait came along with our evolution. thanks

bearman said...

I pin my stuff but haven't really gotten into it.

lisleman said...

I'm glad you mentioned that. I didn't know you pinned your cartoons up there. I'm now following your cartoon board.

jnoragon said...

I've looked but haven't found the time to be interested. So, you bought stock?

lisleman said...

They are still a private company. I suspect they might go public but the Facebook IPO has been a disaster so who knows. The story of it's growth is amazing.

Kathy said...

It's a great way to find blogs, products...ideas etc...hey your kids and grandkids will be impressed you are so trendy!

lisleman said...

I never thought of pinterest for finding blogs but certainly good for crafty ideas and products. I need to go do a little blog searching on it. trendy - ha - my recent post on trending came up with "dinosaur trending".

Claire Pitt said...

Hello! The thing I love about Pinterest is that I am a bookmarking fiend, but had a habit of bookmarking things and never going back to them. With Pinterest I can bookmark things, separate them onto different boards and write a note about the why hell I pinned it in the first place :)

I love the visual aspect of it, but haven't looked much into actually using it to promote my own stuff yet.

lisleman said...

It does offer you a good way to organize. I don't know if any blog follower has found my blog on pinterest but it can't hurt.

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