Tuesday, August 21, 2012

baby you can read my post

Baby you can’t drive my car. I’m using it. 

Have you been much driving this summer? 


Driving directions are abundant in today’s GPS Google map world. My BIL's SUV (you would think I was texting with all those initials) has GPS built into his vehicle.  It's nice to have it handy right there in the dashboard. We have a portable GPS unit that I seldom take with me.  I find the application great but I can’t stand the lady that comes with it. I call her GPS Gwen. I introduced GPS Gwen in this past post:


My wife and I just returned from a trip. A fun trip of family visiting and a little sight seeing. It was planned to be just us traveling.

but no 

She had to bring the bitchy GPS lady along. When I use the gadget, I mute her (the GPS lady not my wife). We have never given her a name but we should. For now, it will be GPS Gwen.

GPS Gwen doesn't know where this is

She is so bossy and rude. 

More than once during an interesting conversation, GPS Gwen would interrupt with “loss of satellites”. Lady I don’t give a damn about your tracking. 

At our age being interrupted often just kills the conversation because who can remember what they were about to say. 

Good thing I had checked with google maps beforehand because Gwen had the football stadium for our grandson’s game on the wrong side of the highway. Oh she was recalculating on that one for a bit. 

I’m very suspicious of GPS Gwen intentions. She started a fight between my wife and I. She meddled with our dinner decision. 

First GPS Gwen tricks us into believing the restaurant was only 5 miles up the road. After about 4.5 miles we realize she meant 5 miles to the first turn which happened to be in the opposite direction of our final destination for the day.  (Gwen starts a fight which keeps me up later

We followed along for about 12 miles only to discover that the restaurant probably went out-of-business or didn’t paid their electric bill. We never saw a sign for it. 

I thought of not recharging her after that. 


Hey Jude Get Back you Day Tripper.

Yesterday Lady Madonna read about A Hard Day’s Night I posted. 

Do you think I could be a Paperback Blogger someday?


Mrs4444 said...

I never trust the gps. Kendall doesn't use one, because she wants to be able to learn how to get where she needs to go with her actual brain. I encourage that, because I think a girl especially should always know where she is, in case she has to get out of someone's car, etc. Funny postl Sorry I can't answer your question--no idea...

longhollow said...

I like to travel the old-fashioned way, with maps. I don't trust GPS systems and that was before I learned they love to start arguments!

lisleman said...

I trust the location if the map is updated. So if you are on a new road, good luck. Also you need working reception and batteries. Map backup - good idea.

lisleman said...

I remember the parking problem she had. Is that the post? Reading maps is very important and GPS should be treated like calculators. They are a tools but we should still know the basics of how things work.

Kathy said...

Our GPS is named Karen she's also a rude women maybe a relative of Gwens! She has steered us wrong way too many times! I hate her!

lisleman said...

all from the same family I guess.

Anonymous said...

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Mary Louise Eklund said...

A friend referred to her old GPS as "the blonde in the box" because she was wrong, recalculating or bitching about her sky friends wouldn't talk to her.

We have Laura - it's set to a British voice that sounds very much like Laura Croft in the video games. She's a later generation and isn't so rude. She doesn't announce her friend issues or when she has to think stuff over. She's more up to date talking with the computer quarterly for free and having traffic updates turned on keeps her from insisting that we drive off the bridge demolished from construction. Still she shouts out stuff all the time. She bings a bell when we do what she says like we're Pavlovs or something.

Really we only take her along if we need to. She's better than Blondie by many miles but still not the best car passenger.

lisleman said...

rewards you with a bell when you follow her directions - interesting and a little scary.

GBandDB said...

We take our GPS everywhere but have yet to give her a name. She is always on mute because I think half the fun in traveling is getting lost and found again.

lisleman said...

getting lost can be fun if you have the time and are in a nice neighborhood thanks

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