Friday, June 22, 2012


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I learned a another new word today, breweriana.  I'm going to try my luck on e-bay again.  I found this old classic beer can opener in my drawer and thought I might get a few bucks for it.  If you are interested here's the e-bay auction link

As I was working through the auction set-up process I was offered the breweriana category.  This type of beer related merchandise fits the category well.

I remember Schlitz back when I was underage with undeveloped beer taste.  I'm not real sure where I picked up the little push button beer can opener.  Maybe my dad had it but I'm not sure.  It could of came from a friend.  You push a small button on top and a can opener "blade" pops out of the bottom.  It can be yours for a price.

I don't think e-bay auction are as popular as they once were.  I even agreed to try selling an odd shaped rock once for my nephew.  It didn't sell.

I have sold a few things but not for awhile.  Hey even if you are not interested please pass it along to any beer drinker you know.


Barbara Shallue said...

I used to love odd little things like that opener, but now I'm trying to get rid of my stuff, not accumulate more! I've been using Craig's List (and not having much luck) but have considered e-bay on a few things. I used to drink Schlitz beer, too, back when I was underage. Do you remember Schlitz Tallboys? One was enough for me! I'll pass this along if I think of anyone!

TGL said...

I don't think I've been on e-bay in years!! I might have bought a thing or two on it, but I've never put anything on it.

lisleman said...

well that's why nothing is selling over there. Get back and buy a thing or two. thanks for the insight, maybe it was a fad.

lisleman said...

I have relatives that swear by Craigslist but it doesn't offer the easy transactions. I think I would only want cash on Craigslist. I like the paypal system. Yes I remember tallboys and remember more than Schlitz doing that packaging.

unknownmami said...

I've never sold anything on ebay.

Bearman Cartoons said...

Milwaukees Best...wait there is a beer called that.

lisleman said...

You could try paper bags.

Jennifer Richardson said...

funny you mention ebay. i asked my hubs today
if ebay still existed.
glad to know it's alive and well-ish.

lisleman said...

"well-ish" might be a good way to describe it. It became over-hyped and somewhat of a fad. They own paypal and that's going good.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Actually, that's kind of cute. If it were a beer I liked, I'd consider it.

lisleman said...

pretend it is a beer you like and make a bid.

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