Wednesday, May 23, 2012

signs you are reading this

What you need a sign? 

How much would you pay for a guidance app for the rest of your life’s path?

Too often the spam email subject line reads 10 signs of blah blah blah. Typically the number of signs offered is between 3 and 10. I have yet to see the 37 signs of you are reading too much spam. (I suspect posting about “signs” might be a sign of that) People avoid a large number of signs to read, so 7 is good number of signs. 

Everyone is selective. You will read the 7 signs you are chaetophobic but you will tell the officer standing outside your car window that you never read the speed limit sign.

Of course I employed google searching for more information on signs. You know how google offers you suggestions to fill out your search words? Here’s a little time waster for you to try (how many signs would you need to determine you are wasting time). In the search box start with “signs of a”, then “signs of b” and proceed through the alphabet. You will find plenty of suggestions for every letter. Signs of the zodiac is a sign you reached the end. 

“Signs of q” had an interesting list of suggestions. Have you ever heard of a quarterlife crisis? Midlife is well known to be full of crisis. Midlife probably offers more than 10 signs of crisis. C’mon a quarterlife crisis? Really? Do we need a special name for each phase of everyday living? 

I was married with one child when I stumbled through my mid twenties. Sure a crisis could come at you whatever your age. But naming a crisis based just on your age is different. Life is a series of events. A bad event could be called a crisis but not every broken nail, nothing-to-do weekend, or bad date is a crisis.

Usually the "top some number" signs are offered.  How about the bottom two signs you don’t know Jack? 
1. You read these two signs. 
2. You want more signs. 

Does our world have too many mamby pamby lands?

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TGL said...


You know, as much as I want to get it perfect the first time around, a part of me also thinks it is fun the way it is

SO, i wouldn't mind an app that prevented me from screwing things up completely.

That being said, I'd like it not to micromanage my fun :P

lisleman said...

 First time here?  Welcome, hope you take a look around.  Most of the posts have been dusted.  I certainly would not want software micromanaging me.  Maybe a little advice that is better than those magic balls would be useful.

unknownmami said...

Working with the public, I find that most people do not read signs or read them incorrectly. 

lisleman said...

In general people don't often pay attention to anything.  Do you see those spams and ads about X signs of this or that?  Also since you much younger than I, have you heard of quarterlife crisis?

unknownmami said...

I get AARP Spam not X signs and yes I've heard of a quarter life crisis, I may have had one.
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Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm not entirely sure I followed that,  But I'll tell you this - given my extreme distaste for advice, I'd probably pay to have a guidance app UN-installed.

Mac4 said...

From your picture, Lisleman, you must not be chaetophobic

Bearmancartoons said...

I am waiting for google to read my mind so I can figure out the right words to use to search to get something back that I am actually looking for.

lisleman said...

 I've just noticed many spam type emails and ads that offer to show you signs of this or that problem they hope you have so you click on it.

lisleman said...

 They are getting closer to that everyday.

Jene said...

I think the Quarterlife Crisis phenomenon really started to take flight when I was nearing 20, myself. I read the book, but of course now I can't remember who wrote it. I do remember from my developmental psych classes that it was rooted in Erikson's phases of development, so I don't think that it's necessarily a pretend thing, maybe more of a new spin on things.

I know you said that you were married with child by that time in your life, and I think that the whole idea of quarterlife crisis is a more modern issue, when "kids" are living with their parents longer, delaying marriage and family, and bouncing from college major to college major as they try to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Personally, I was out on my own at 18, but I still had no idea what I wanted to do in adulthood. Sometimes I'm pretty sure that I still don't really know.

That would be a good time for a sign.

Barbara said...

I think this post is a sign you have way too much time on your hands! lol I think even if I had  a guidance app, I'd probably ignore it. I'm sure I was given plenty of advice that would have steered me clear of some of the mistakes I've made if I had only heeded it. 

lisleman said...

Thanks for sharing the detailed explanation.  I agree that delaying marriage and family does change things.  What I don't understand is why young adults are so willing to live with their parents for so long.  I don't think it's as simple as saying it's the job market because the job market was going strong years ago and this was starting to happen then.  It's a change in attitude maybe on both sides.
"what they want to do with their lives" - That doesn't change too much.  Goals are good but they change.  Having to raise a child does/should focus you goals in a big way.  Life doesn't work like a romantic comedy or fairy tale.  It's much more messy and confusing.  No one should expect perfection whatever that is.

lisleman said...

I think you make good observations.

Jene said...

 I don't know why, either. I was all about getting out as soon as I had the chance.

Mrs4444 said...

Something about signs that drives me crazy is the fact that so many of them are badly-placed. Take the tricycle sign, for example; shouldn't it be at the level of tricycle riders? I notice this especially at grade schools, where signs intended for kids are placed at adult eye-level. It's annoying.

lisleman said...

I have not paid much attention to that other than noticing handicap signs and pushbuttons are wheel chair accessible.  The tricycle sign which I think is stupid (found at a park in NC) I suspect might have been directed toward the parents.  thanks

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