Thursday, July 15, 2010

are you collecting

Ideas like cans

can be collected and recycled.

Mommy's Idea

Check out Mrs. 4444 ( that number might be her IQ) and her regular Friday feature.

Do you ever leave long comments?
I have noticed a few long ones in the blogs I follow.  I appreciate all comments that are not spam.  Just commenting, I liked it, hi, I was here, is fine with me but witty ones are the most fun to read. 
But sometimes the post just triggers some memory or strong opinion which I'm compelled to explain at length.  I've written comments longer than some of my posts. 
Have I done that on your blog?  (ask me I will)


(if you are non-technical just skip this one) I am analog or non-digitally experienced - in electrical engineering there are analog circuits and digital circuits.  When I studied for my degree the digital world was here but just beginning.  Today you can focus your studies almost completely within the digital world. 
So where is this rambling going? 
A teenager today having only experienced digital pushbuttons, texting, and laser readers doesn't know the world of rotary dials, public payphones, tuning radio stations, rabbit ears, dropping film off, pen-pals and calculating change for a dollar.  I've read that the rapid feedback of our digital world is changing the wiring of our brains.  I hope not.
Writing this makes me feel old, but able to relate in an analog way.


How do you feel when you get compliments from inebriated friends and relatives?
They still count right?
Once I heard I looked like George Clooney.  It made my day.  Another time at a party, a woman called me over to tell me how much she loved my hair.  That was a little weird.  She was with her husband at the time, but the bar had been opened for more than an hour - so does it count?.


compliment  vs. complaint  -  so different yet so close - drop 'me', replace with 'a', and flip 'i'.


Does my blog have ephemeral followers?  (Dumb question but my writing needs improved vocabulary.) 


Have you been listening to any oldies?
Carly Simon wrote and sang some great ones.  Ever wonder about "You're So Vain"?  check Carly Simon's site.  She has a page about it.   


Does your town/city have those countdown signs on pedestrian crossings? 
Don't they make you hurry up and try to beat your last time?
Years ago my sister and I were crossing an intersection equipped with the countdown clocks.  I said:

"You see that sign?"
"That how much time we have to live before we are run over."

Ok that last one reminds me of how ambulance drivers get to give people the ride of the lives.


Kristina P. said...

I have a blog friend that consistently writes novels in people's comment boxes. They are pretty funny. I love it.

lisleman said...

Send him/her over. I'll take one.

Cheeseboy said...

I teach my first graders analog clocks. We don't even touch digital. I want them to know analog, analog, ANALOG! They can't really UNDERSTAND time until they know analog.

lisleman said...

Yes, clockwise on a digital clock is meaningless. I'm not trying to put down digital because it has brought some good changes. We just need to be sure we can survive without our gadgets.

W.C.Camp said...

It is funny how much discrete component stuff I have in the garage. I went to a Radio Shack to try and get some oddball capacitor and the guy thought I was from space? Why all the resistance from a place that doesn't even sell resistors anymore? W.C.C.

lisleman said...

Radio Shack is not at all like it was 10-15 years ago. You really need to buy those discrete parts online. I did find some at Frys though.
I don't know if you have ever seen my other blog which only has about a dozen posts on it. I had big plans for it once but you know how that goes.
Called Broken Gadget -

dave hambidge said...

I have landed myself in very deep virtual clag in the last few weeks by making pithy and strongly held opinions on other peoples posts. Don't do it, it ain't worth the grief. If you can't say something nice or neutral, don't comment; the wrath of the blogolake is awful to endure.

Lisa said...

Now you have me thinking... I guess I usually do tend to leave long comments for exactly the reason you described. Because a post will generate a memory, story etc. I like those best when I receive comments too. The hi how are you's are nice to know someone was there, but the long ones, the ones that feel like a conversation are my favorite.

My town does not have crosswalks lights, hell, we don't even have crosswalks. haha.

LOL @ the ambulance joke.

Happy FF!

Bearmancartoons said...

Hi...I was here (snicker..hehe)

TechnoBabe said...

I like your first line about ideas being collected and recycled. I am forever learning new things and adjusting my opinions and I feel like I am in that way recycling ideas. I can make a change to an idea and it seems like something new. Regarding long comments, the length of a comment isn't something that draws me or distracts me. The content is what is important to me. If I am going to comment on a post, I want the freedom to add my thoughts to what was brought up in the post and in general participate in the discussion that way. I really like the comments left on my blog. It is particularly pleasing to me when people take time to add to the discussion and speak openly and share in any way they are able. Sometimes your comments are fairly long and sometimes they are short. As in everything in life, it all depends on what you have to say at the time and how much you are willing to share. I know you like comments too and you are really good about leaving great comments elsewhere so it is only fair that people leave good comments for you. So we could all say like Mami does "We give good comment".

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing - I bet you don't have much backed-up traffic jams either. Open roads are nice.

doreen mcgettigan said...

I have to comment on the last sentence; my 8 year old grandson was in an ambulance yesterday that was going 80 mph..2 very large dear ran in front of the ambulance..squealing brakes and stuff flying everywhere..but they all arrived safely at the daughter had nightmares last night..I do not think either of them will ever forget that ride!

lisleman said...

So you need to take off your pith helmet. I disagree. You can offer a different opinion. Just offer it. Don't ram it.
You have wondering where this took place.

lisleman said...

I expected this post might generate a long comment. Thank you. My experience with blogs has given me exercise in writing my thoughts. People don't always react that way in the comment section but then some people just don't think that well.
What would sound better to you?
Comment Queen
Comment Diva

You could be named one.

lisleman said...

I hope everyone is OK. Was your grandson admitted to the hospital?
I was joking around (do that often here) but events involving ambulances are serious and scary. I have had a few and don't want any more.
Thanks for sharing and all the best to the family.

Mrs4444 said...

Doreen! NOW what happened?!

Mrs4444 said...

I swear, I've been hear (on your page) for like two hours--Got lost in the Carly Simon link and then spun off in a hundred different directions. I think it's really funny, when I read the lyrics to a song and realize how wrong I've been about what they are. Too funny. For example, you know that song that starts, "I believe in miracles. Where ya from, you sexy thing?!" For many, many years, I thought it was, "Wear your bra! You sexy thing!" hahaha

Yeah, so to make you feel even worse about the ambulance reference (just kidding), my cousin told me yesterday that his MIL (ambulance person) was killed a few years back, when the ambulance she was working in was hit at an intersection and she was ejected. (Sorry--Hey, you're the one who brought it up!)

So, yeah, I'm working on that long comment you mentioned, though I think FF call for them. If I ever get too long, I write a post :)

lisleman said...

Thanks, sometimes the comments can be better than the post.

"Wear your bra you sexy thing" LOL good no ROFLMAO good
It would make a great blog title.
Since you enjoyed the CS link here's another one (warning you may not been seen again for hours)

Oh I'm not chasing anymore ambulance jokes.

Bearmancartoons said...

It's interesting you say about technology. Back in the early 90's I was one of the first people to learn computer based video editing. Thankfully I got out of that job b/c any grandma with a video recorder can edit circles around me with the technology out there.

lisleman said...

ah watch out I see Granny with a sketch pad and cartoons for boomers coming at you.

karenmeg said...

I'll take compliments any way I can get them .. George Clooney? Whoa.
The hair comment - that is weird and if not inappropriate, then certainly awkward.
As to long comments, man, when I first started blogging I used to leave novels. My comments would almost become blog posts in themselves. Now, there's just no time.

Happy FF!

The Urban Cowboy said...

It's funny you ask about comments. It seems whenever I leave a lengthy comment, I never hear or see back from the one I bored.

lisleman said...

Not everyone replies back on comments. Mrs. 4444 typically emails a reply. The reply thread makes this DISQUS great. Now I know some of the wordpress blogs have the same feature. Charlie and I had fun the other day with the threaded replies.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Someone saying you look like George Clooney definitely counts!!!!

I'm usually a short commenter but once in a while I get wound up and go on and on.

My folks were on a committee in our small hometown to help select the clock for their new City Hall. Not only did they debate no one reads a "real" clock anymore they also debated using Roman numerals because they're not taught in elementary schools anymore. Time sure have changed!

Have a great weekend George, I mean Lisleman ;-)

lisleman said...

Did the debater take turns going clockwise or counterclockwise? You can't learn those directions without an analog clock. They should have an analog (with hands) clock. Roman numerals - meh - wouldn't matter to me.
Interesting story - thanks

secretagentwoman said...

I used to have a reader who would write really long comments arguing with me, and return again and again to further his argument. Except it was usually about psychological issues/science which was my field and not his. He was not open to the idea that I might actually have some expertise in those areas.

lisleman said...

As long as he was civil about it he could come by here and argue. It's just a blog. Now if he is ranting and shooting off verbal abuse well it's time to delete and ban the person. Maybe you didn't mean it this way, but I read your comment to say that you didn't care much for those comments.

secretagentwoman said...

If I have the existing research and training and clinical experience on my side, I don't much appreciate someone telling me I'm dead wrong because he believes himself to be correct. With no evidence to support that belief. It's foolish. I have little patience for foolishness.

Zemeks said...

I like those count down walk signs because they give me an idea of how long I have before the light changes. We have them in downtown Cleveland.

lisleman said...

what's your best crossing time?

Kristin_The_Goat said...

If I read something that reminds me of a story I tend to put it in the comment box. on and on I ramble LOL Sometimes I type it all out and delete it and put in a much shorter version. I feel like I'm really only telling myself the story anyway.

I love what you said about the analog and digital. I may have to use that in my blog :) with credit and a link to you, of course! It made me think of a story, too long for a comment today.

So, I just assume (and you know what they say about assuming) that you were a woman because nearly all of the blogs that I read are written by women, but when you got to the Looks like George Clooney comment I was surprised to find out that you thought that was a compliment, being a woman. Once I laughed and realized you were probably a man, it made a lot more sense!

lisleman said...

You are the first person (that I know of) that thought I was a woman but online I could just be a typing cat. Readers don't always bother to check the background or profile links. I do mention that I'm a dad.
"...nearly all of the blogs that I read are written by women..." Boy that's the truth because a high percentage of all blogs are written by women. I attribute it to communication skills. Many of us men are just getting past the grunting stage while same aged girls are reciting from 'Wuthering Heights'.

Now that you know my gender I sure hope it doesn't hinder your visits.

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