Monday, June 14, 2010

and the song scores

I remember my wife complaining that United Airlines completely ruined Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" when they made it their theme song for commercials. Now she would have United Airlines in her head when she heard it. (She has had some bad experiences with United that she would like to forget)

Well of course this marketing technique continues and I don't think there is any stopping it.

(hey BTW writing a post while listening to "Rhapsody In Blue" works well)

So what does this have to do with the Chicago Blackhawks?

They picked up the song "Chelsea Dagger" for their goal scoring theme. But when I hear that tune I think of Amstel Beer. (I don't think they even sell Amstel at the games)

So if the Blackhawks next season goes like this one, I'll be conflicted between thinking of beer and hockey goals. It's a get-in-your-head stuck song.

Here's the whole Chelsea Dagger song:

Ok you want that unstuck now?

Play another song. Like "Sweet Caroline" and have a Labatt Blue.

Actually more Americans probably associate "Sweet Caroline" with the Boston Red Sox.


dwmatty said...

I have to admit these commercials are good. Very catchy. But isn't that the whole idea behind the marketing concept. To get it stuck in your head? And this is the first time I listened to the entire Chelsea Dagger song beginning to end. I actually liked it.

lisleman said...

I didn't even know the name of it until last night. I bought the song on iTunes so that band is certainly going to benefit.

secretagentwoman said...

I think it's safe to say there is no popular song I associate with any sport.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing - you did say "popular" and "sport" so that leaves other things like beer or food or whatever.

Here's a song for you to associate with catching mice -

Phhhst said...

I was so very bummed when Wal-Mart acquired a Queen song for a commercial. I'm just saying.

oceangirl415 said...

It has been a while since I watched commercials. I need to go out more :)

Frau said...

I love the mix of songs in commercials....huge fan of Amstel Light and Amsterdam my new fav city!

secretagentwoman said...

But even with that, it's not the sort of thing that will stick in my head. I think I'd have to see it over and over, say on TV, to actually call that to mind when I think of mice.

lisleman said...

I was lucky enough to visit two or three times. Great city to walk around in. In the beer commercial they show a big chess board painted on the ground I stayed in a hotel very close to that (if there is only one of them).

dave hambidge said...

Amsterdam is a lovely City, but the ambience that most brits go for is legalised hash and oddles of in your face porn!

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