Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more than a few clowns in the news

A few months ago I posted "a few clowns in the news".

Well what was I thinking?

I was wrong. There are more than a few clowns in the news.

First, from one of my favorite locations for strange news - Wisconsin.
Wisconsin has lovely forests and maybe some of them are still WILD.  But while enjoying the outdoors in Wisconsin I've never given getting hit by a blow dart a second thought.

I should have!

Blow Gun Spree Ends in Arrest
Wisconsin police allege a 41 year old woman drove around town shooting blow gun darts at pedestrians. Police say the woman told them she did this because she just wanted to hear people say "Ouch...".   Five people were hit.  Damn cheesehead terrorists.

Next on to Chicago and Playboy's headquarters -

3D glasses bring new life to Playboy's centerfold.

"Dear, why do have those strange glasses on?"
"Oh, just helps me read the articles."

Wait, wait, wait - what exactly is popping off the page here?  You do know they are 3D in the REAL world.  Well actually they may appear larger than real on the page.

I got a kick out of this story on Playboy's latest plans.   Here's a great quote:
"This particular picture is one example of how books and magazines are different (than computer images)," he said. "You can hold it in your hands, save them, and as Dad used to, put them under the mattress."
Remember they already tried Marge Simpson as a centerfold last fall.  I guess a 3D avatar Na'vi native would be too cost prohibitive given the movie connection.  But just think - sales of a Na'vi princess packing a blow gun would sell great in some parts of Wisconsin.  Maybe next month?

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oceangirl415 said...


greeneyedmomster said...

I think those people are on Earth to make me seem really normal. Just like the moms on on Wife Swap.....
I'm catching up with you....

lisleman said...

glad you're catching up. That's a good point about feeling normal. So next time someone in the family does some nutty thing, they could say well at least I didn't shoot a dart at you.

unknownmami said...

Reality never ceases to amaze me.

Cheeseboy said...

Playboy in 3D? Wisconsin blow gunner women? This world is going to pot, fortunately it will be in 3D.

frau said...

I knew those Cheeseheads were crazy but dart guns....ouch!

dave hambidge said...

good to know that the gene pool still needs reducing a tadge!

Charlie Callahan said...

You know, those blow guns could put somebody's eye out.

And I would have been smart enough to hide Playboy under the mattress, but then worn the glasses to the dinner table because I forgot I had 'em on.

lisleman said...

what kind of pot? There's a few states with legalized pot for medical uses now.

lisleman said...

yes you're right. BTW - that show I told you about, the Daily Show, did an updated piece on your parliament mess.

lisleman said...

yeah but you were just reading the articles - right?

Charlie Callahan said...

Of course. Those words jump right out atcha.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I like 3D! But I think I'll pass on that.

lisleman said...

Welcome - always good to see a comment from a new visitor.
Really, I think 3D makes sense at the movie theater.

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