Tuesday, March 02, 2010

quick note on something big or where's the clown

Where's the clown  -- game update.

Did you know the blogger service (I know some of you use wordpress and maybe other blog services so just skip ahead) has this "page" feature.  I now have 3 pages and the home link at the top of the newest post or just under the banner.  These pages are like a post but not dated and so they don't get pushed down into the archive of posts.  My latest page is the "Where's the clown" game page.  

I also created this badge for other bloggers to take and use if they like to play along.  What do you think?  So please leave you answers and guess picture links in the comments of game post - that would be this post here

This quick note which is getting too long was just to tell you about the new "where's the clown" page.

Where's the Clown


lillyslife said...

Oh I didnt know that. I use Blogger so I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

oceangirl415 said...

Do we have a winner yet?

I will study this carefully and get back to you. I don't even know how to insert awards or buttons or anything.

lisleman said...

no but what I would really like to get is yours and others pictures (the links to them) to join in and expand the guessing.
What do you think of the button/badge?
One guess was close, just a state away. If you go back to the post comments you'll see a hint in my reply to you (but then I think you get my reply via email anyway). The hint should give you an easy thing for an internet search.

dave hambidge said...

Will post my contribution Thursday. Thanks for Chet Atkins, enjoying his work as I type!

lisleman said...

good to hear you are liking those licks.
Looking forward to your pic and guessing the location.

unknownmami said...

I love the page feature!

lisleman said...

I know your layout uses it better than mine. I keep thinking about changing my template but all the sidebar stuff has be to reinserted which is a pain. I think the page feature will work well for the blog game.

unknownmami said...

NOOO! The sidebar stuff does not need to be reinserted. When you go to switch layouts, it now asks you if you want to keep all your widgets!!! Yup, it's true. So much better.

Visit me at: www.unknownmami.com.

lisleman said...

that's good to know thanks - you might be seeing a new format.

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