Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ran head on to a hog

Have you heard of Paula Deen?
She is a chef from Savannah GA. who also has cook books and her own recipe filled web site.  She also a very funny lady.
In the paper today there was a short article about how she got hit in the face with a ham while helping to deliver food for a charity.  She was OK and later joked about it.  She also sent some tweets out about too (Paula Deen is on twitter - another sign of the times)
My wife and I had a great time in Savannah a few years ago.  Stayed at a B&B and really enjoyed the culture there.
A highlight of our Savannah visit was eating at The Lady & Sons restaurant.  The background of the restaurant is a very interesting and moving story.  My wife picked up a cook book and had one of the sons sign it (Paula was not around that night).

Here's a youtube clip of it.  Now I would not be surprised if the TV station claims copyright infringement so if the following clip doesn't work here's a link to an Atlanta station with some coverage.   TV coverage

solar info link


Claudya Martinez said...

Ouch! That did not look fun.

Anonymous :) said...

Yesterday we decided to make a day trip to Paula's restaurant. Your blog has now set that idea in stone. I hear we have to stand in a long line, but the food is great. Hope that's true.

Bill Lisleman said...

@unknown mami - if it had been me, the audience would have heard some choice words. Just banging my finger or toe sets me off.
@madison - please report back if you can. We found the food great. I think the location is a newer one than the one we were at.

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