Monday, March 02, 2009

when you think of odd job

What comes to mind?

Among other influences, your age would be a factor. If you grew up as a oo7 fan, then odd job is this guy from "Goldfinger":

goldfinger odd job

But today with high unemployment touching most everyone in someway, odd job might be the only job. I heard about this new site Odd Job Nation the other day.

I like their odd humor approach on work. Looks like they are making a youtube series (is that a new term?) about odd jobs and being out of work. This first one is great. Put on your headphones and take a look:

Still with me?

Maybe the site has some type of deal with Craigslist - I don't know. But they offer a link to search for odd jobs on Craigslist (I know you could do this without their front end web site but hey, their humor puts you in a better mood).

Anyway, one odd job that got my attention was, "House Manager, Live-In (Gold Coast)". Now, I think "house manager" is a marketing/resume/HR dept. term for MAID. But here's a piece from that ad:
We provide a 2-bedroom apartment.
Work schedule Monday-Friday, 8-4.
Location: Gold Coast
Compensation: $60,000 - $70,000/year

Hmm - apartment on Chicago Gold Coast with some decent pay - maybe I should learn to cook and clean.

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