Thursday, March 05, 2009

911 calling education needed

Two recent 911 calls - very different

1) A lady in Florida calls because McDonalds refuses to give her money back.

2) A lady in Texas calls while in pursuit of a purse snatcher.

Call #1 - I give the 911 operator a big plus for handling this professionally, I would have either yelled at her or started laughing. Sure you angry about feeling ripped off but 911 is NOT the way to handle it. Get the names of the workers, call McDonalds' HQ or the police non-emergency line later. Ok you're a dissatisfied customer is THAT AN EMERGENCY?

Call #2 - Maybe the wisdom of age helps here. This lady was a quick thinking grandmother. This was a robbery not some fast food dissatisfied customer. This one sounds much more intense than some missing McNuggets.

Have a listen:
911 call

Here's a link to a reenactment of it.

I suspect the call #1 will get much attention than call #2 because it's stupid.

Maybe we need 911 calling education.

Oh I've just been laid-off - I'm calling 911.

Try this link to listen to call 2


lisleman said...

hey if you try to listen to call #2 you will have a problem if you don't sign on to multiply. I'll need to get a version up on youtube and share it that way.

Robin Easton said...

I was at this site this AM and had a good chuckle. And yet, I could NOT believe the woman calling from McDonald's. That is someone who has seriously lost site of their priorities...or maybe never had them. LOL!!

Also! I love the tag line for this blog. "lighten up - most of us are working with a few clowns short of circus"

That is so true and it is very important that we lighten up. Although my blog tends to be philosophical/inspirational I have to humor every few post or its gets too dense and tiresome. I love humor and find it VERY healing. Thank you so MUCH!!

lisleman said...

@ robin
Thanks for taking time to share that nice comment. I enjoy your blog too.

I should add the little story about the few clowns.

Here's another similar phrase - a few fries short of a happy meal.

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