Friday, October 31, 2008

up and down comes and goes

wall street

No one would have thought of this back in 06.

Wall Street was flying then not sinking.

Back then (Dec. 2006) I posted about these 6 figure bonuses on Wall Street. That right - $100,000 plus average bonuses. Go back take a look.

Recently with the stock market tanking multiple times a week, most are worried about their job not the amount of a bonus. If you watch it, you'll notice the last few minutes of the market is negative almost everyday.

(There's always money to be made somehow?), somebody thought of a way to make some money commemorating the demise of some Wall Street institutions. They are selling a wall street coffin for your favorite failed company. It even comes with shredded money.

This is where I heard about it. CNBC

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