Sunday, October 19, 2008

protesting style

women protest

Bras and panties fly - sounds interesting.

I think women protest better than men. They seem more creative.

The Chicago Tribune had this picture of protesters in the Philippines in their week in photos.

The hundreds of protesters walked out of their Manila factory after a deadlock in negotiations for better wages and other benefits.

Here's another picture from the Wall Street Journal site.

women protest


lisleman said...

there's a new placement for comments - checking to see what it looked like

KLo said...

Interesting ...

I think, and sorry if this sounds forward and awkward, women have more to protest WITH, if that makes any sense.  I mean, a naked man would be faced with shock and ... I don't know (and now all I can think of is the Red Hot Chili Peppers guy performing in just a sock ... it's late lol).  It's not like waving boxer shorts or jock straps or whatever would get the same reaction.

I guess the bottom line is, bras and panties have a "sexy" connotation.  Boxers and tighty-whities ... not so much. 

Another message in sex selling ... not sure I'm loving all aspects of the world we live in.

lisleman said...

you are right.  I thought you were about to say women have brains.  Good point but I heard the Scots scared the shit out of the enemy without their kilts.
Oh the sex selling - not good in the long run.  Sex is fun interesting etc. to talk about, joke about and drawing the line/curtain is not simple.  Just today in Chicago a over sized statue of Marilyn Monroe  was unveiled and some people are complaining that it is sexist etc.  I have yet to see it in person but it's iconic and fun.  Americans get way too wound-up about sex.
(I assume this reply will be emailed by DISQUS but another blogger told she doesn't get them - if possible I would like to know if an email goes out.)

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