Sunday, January 06, 2008

robotic future

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So maybe you know that the CES is going on in Las Vegas. I went to a version of it years ago in Chicago, but I think it only takes place in Las Vegas now. It would have been fun to go.

I noticed a story on some new robots by Wowwee

A few years ago I bought my grandson the Robosapien toy - it's was cool toy and it has lasted. Of course they have updated it since. Now this recent Christmas I received a Dragonfly which I discovered is also made by Wowwee. It amazes me that this thing flies by flapping it's wings.

Now they combined a mobile platform, Wi-Fi, webcam and some special sauce called Northstar
This Northstar system uses IR (invisible to us) to navigate the robot around your home. I do wonder if the IR from a TV remote would screw it up, but it the robot is doing it's thing when you are gone, that would not be an issue.

One shortfall I see for this Rovio product is no step climbing ability. I think most homes today have stairs. Did any of you make it to CES??


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