Saturday, November 17, 2007

sometimes 1 and 1 is more than 2

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Maybe you heard about this already because often I'm slow in getting somethings posted. This is another tech gadget that will most likely change quickly.

Take the small memory card (SD type) for digital cameras + a small Wi-Fi chip --> connect together within the small space of the SD card and mix in some software == the result is a very interesting tool for digital pictures.

First I must state that I have not used this device and I only know about it from articles on the internet. Also I have not contacted the company. Assuming it works here's the advantage:

If you are within your home wi-fi coverage or some other open hotspot your pictures can be transferred wirelessly to your internet picture site. It saves you from hooking up the camera or memory card to your computer. Pictures direct from the camera to your picture web site. For example, I would use Picasa which is run by Google.

Now I wonder how you control when the transfer takes place and if you can tell if a picture was transferred from the camera. Also I wonder if the Wi-Fi signal has limited range since the device is inside a camera and lacks much of an antenna.

I think this combination of technologies is a brilliant idea.

Here's the Wired story about it.

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